Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Infinity Ward Crowdsourcing on Twitter

@fourzerotwo, the community manager for Infinity Ward, makers of the massively successful Call of Duty 4, asked for community feedback on features for its sequel, Modern Warfare 2. He asked us to use Twitter, hash it as #mw2, and it went pretty mental. you can see the #MW2 twitter usage here.

Working in digital marketing and loving COD4, this was a very interesting example for me to follow. As it became the biggest twitter trend within a day, I'm very interesting how 402 will mine the information. There is plenty of crowdsourcing the community here on the official IW forum too.

Personally - I used Wordle to make the word cloud you see above, and also used a trial profile on a social media monitoring tool to drill down, which really highlights why a system like that is worth the cash - the degree of granularity that is possible (as well as being able to pull in #mw2 stuff from other sources) really opened my eyes. I could dig into a topic, cross ref by time and even look at each tweeter's other social media connections (402, if you're reading, give me a shout!).

For my money, here's what I think the community wants:
  • Guns: more guns (duh)
  • Snow: a snow map
  • Persononalisation/customisation: for the in game character and gun customisation
  • Better integration with online community and achievements (off PSN, XBOX Live etc)
  • More perks, attachments (silenced sniper a big ask) and rewards for prestige mode (ranking up constantly)
  • A bigger, co-op story mode
  • Maps: more of them and a UGC/map editor for consoles
Image shows a wordle of Twitter's #mw2 xml feed. Dan got me on to Wordle.

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